Probe Card


To develop a CORAD vertical probe card system with better performance than similar types of vertical probe cards in the market, with a significant cost benefit and fast delivery.


Probe card with better specifications than competitors

Offer low per probe price to the market

Offer competitive price on the interface: multi-site MLO carrier and low assembly cost

Fast delivery by automating the manufacturing process

Probe Head Technology

Probe Technology: A proven technology -- vertical bucking beam

Probe Advantages:
>> The contact force is linear after certain over drive
>> Able to achieve small pitch with incremental increase in cost
>> Single probe replacement on site

Drilling technology: Laser drill

Drilling Advantages:
>> Capable of drilling very small holes
>> Lower drill cost than mechanical drill
>> Flexible manufacturing

Corad have developed the following automatic machines to form the probes:

Wire cutting, probe length measurement and insertion into plating fixture

Plating line to form the space transformer end of the probe

Probe tip and tail grinding machine to control length

QA machine to measure straightness of probe and to measure the probe diameter and input results into QA database

Building the Probe Head:

NC machine and lapping machine to form the parts of the probe head

Laser machine to drill the holes in the ceramic guide plates

Automatic machine to insert probes into ceramic guide plates (240 probes per hour)

Developed MLO/MLC vapor soldering process

Final lapping machine to grind the probe tips after assembling the probe card (for planarity control)

Measure X, Y, Z position of the probe tips

Developed leakage current measurement tool

Probe Specification

Probe Specifications
Paliney C+/-10u<= 10u350u63u(2.5mil)63u(2.5mil)7.50mm12g/OD 75u150u45 to 100u-40 to 150C800mA0.243 Ohm
Paliney C+/-10u<= 10u350u50u(2.0mil)50u(2.0mil)7.00mm6g/OD 75u100u45 to 100u-40 to 150C675mA0.38 Ohm
Paliney C+/-10u<= 10u350u38u(1.5mil)38u(1.5mil)7.00mm4.7g/OD 75u90u45 to 100u-40 to 150C475mA0.60 Ohm
Paliney 25+/-10u<= 10u350u63u(2.5mil)63u(2.5mil)7.50mm11g/OD 75u150u45 to 75u-40 to 150C1250mA0.30 Ohm
Paliney 25+/-10u<= 10u350u50u(2.0mil)50u(2.0mil)7.00mm4.5g/OD 75u100u45 to 75u-40 to 150C900mA0.23 Ohm
Paliney 25+/-10u<= 10u350u38u(1.5mil)38u(1.5mil)7.00mm4.5g/OD 75u90u45 to 75u-40 to 150C700mA1.20 Ohm
Paliney 25+/-10u<= 10u350u38u(1.5mil)38u(1.5mil)6.00mm4.5g/OD 75u90u45 to 75u-40 to 150C700mA0.34 Ohm
Paliney 25+/-10u<= 10u350u25.4u(1.0mil)25.4u(1.0mil)5.5mm1.74g/OD 75u60u45 to 75u-40 to 150C175mA0.87 Ohm
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