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Design Considerations

Our design includes consideration of the following

Test Performance

Signal Integrity

Manufacturability of the board

RF Layout

RF Layout

5Ghz and 2.4Ghz Multi site RF

High Speed Differential Pair

High Speed Differential Pair

25 Gbps Serdes

0.35mm pitch Direct Probe Octal Site RF

0.35mm pitch Direct Probe Octal Site RF

0.35mm pitch Direct Probe Octal Site RF

Board Performance

The following Three functions are equally important for high performance load boards.

Board Design

Board manufacturing

Component assembly

The Entire Assembly, Test, Inspection & Packaging Process Is At ESD Control Area

ESD Control Area Is ESD S20.20 Certificated.

Advanced Capability

PCB Fabrication
Finished Board Size (inches) 20 X 25
DUT Pitch, Minimum (mm) 0.35
Layer Count 60
Board Thickness (mils) 300
Minimum Inner Thin Core Thickness (mils) 2
Minimum Inner layer Line Width / Space (mils) 2 / 2.5
Minimum Outer layer Line Width / Space (mils) 3.5 / 2.5
Minimum Pad Size (mils) 4
Maximum Aspect Ratio (Thru-Hole) 33 : 1
Minimum Laser Drill size (mils) 2
Gold Thickness(um) 3
Single-Ended Impedance Control (Coated Microstrip) +/- 3%
Sequential Lamination Cycles 9
Stacked Microvias Yes
PCB Assembly
Smallest Chip Component Size 0201
Smallest BGA Pitch (mm) 0.35
X-Ray Inspection Yes
AOI Inspection Yes
Fly Probe Testing Yes
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